Mini Sprint Series

The Mini Sprint Series 2024

The Mini Sprint Series will be run alongside all the National Sprint Regattas held at Holme Pierrepont in Nottingham during 2024.

The Mini Sprint Series has been specifically developed to suit the needs of U12 paddlers who have chosen this discipline at this time.  It is part of the Paddlesport foundation, which helps them progress into whichever discipline they may eventually choose.  The programme has taken into account that full-sized K1s, K2s and K4s are too large for the majority of 9 to 12-year-olds and require personalised fittings to ensure safety on the HPP water conditions.  Paddle UK’s [1] [2] Paddlesport Participation Programme and British Canoeing Sprint Racing Committee formed the Mini Sprint Series. This had evolved from the Lightning series that was originally only a K1 event. As a weekend competition it provides racing experience on the National course so that the paddlers can have a smooth transition into the Intermediate and Junior Class D events.

The aim of the series is:

  • To introduce young paddlers to the venue.
  • To develop experience in sprint competition at a national event.
  • To develop teamwork. 
  • To provide an opportunity to develop competitive paddling skills.
  • To provide motivation to progress through to the main classes. 
  • To meet and make friends with paddlers from other clubs.
  • To enable young paddlers to have fun and become confident, competitive sprint race paddlers. 

Team Leaders notes on entries and kayaks.

Following last year’s introduction of Mini-Kayaks we would like to announce the following changes to the Mini Sprint Series.

  • Lightning B (LTB) will be renamed MINI-B (MSB). Paddlers are allowed to race in Lightnings or Mini Kayaks.
  • MINI (previously LTA) will be renamed MINI-A (MSA). Paddlers are allowed to race in Lightnings, Mini-Kayaks and Sprint K1 Kayaks.

It is the club’s team leader’s/coach’s responsibility to make sure that their U12 paddlers who want to race in the Mini Sprint Series have achieved Paddle Explore qualification or have the paddling competency equivalent to that award and are confident and competent to paddle down the HPP course in their boat.

All paddlers racing in MINI-A and MINI-B must always wear a buoyancy aid when they are on the water. The buoyancy aids must conform to the standards of BS EN ISO 12402-5.

Please note the changes to MINI and LTB classes:

  • MINI-A time bands to match existing MINI time bands, which remain unchanged.
  • MINI-B time bands to match existing LTB time bands, which remain unchanged.
  • Promotion from the MINI class to BIK or GIK will be based on paddlers achieving the minimum time for Intermediates.
  • MINI-B class to be allowed to use Mini Kayak specified boats in addition to Lightning boats, but not full-sized racing boats.
  • MINI-A class to be allowed to race any Sprint K1, including Mini-Kayak and Lightnings.
  • Following a review of current Mini-Kayak specifications from several suppliers, these boats should not exceed 4.2m in length (self-regulated) and there will be no minimum weight
  • The paddlers will compete over 200m and 500m in K1s, at alternate regattas, with heats and finals on the main regatta course.
  • The 200m events will be held at the 1st and 3rd regattas, and 500m events will be held at the 2nd and 4th regattas.

    Hody-style K2s and Rocket K4s will remain at 500m at all regattas, with heats and finals on the main regatta course.
  • The cost per seat is the same as other junior paddling categories.
  • Please ensure you enter your paddlers in the correct category based on time, not age.
  • Clubs should bring their own Hody-style K2.  If using a make other than Hody please inform the Chief Official before the event.

    Only Rocket K4s will be used for K4 events and can be supplied by the SRC.  Clubs may bring and use their own Rocket K4s.
  • Please note that participation certificates will be available for the Team Leader to collect at each regatta from the Information Cabin.

When booking a K4

The Team Leader who books the whole K4 is responsible for the entry fees for any unnamed seats, when combined with paddlers from other clubs, same as with all other classes.  Any changes to your entry can be made via the Online Crew Change form before the Team Leader’s meeting.  Further changes for entered crews may be made by a Team leader, up to 1 hour before the race, using the Online Crew Change form, providing all paddlers and team leaders know of the changes.

Mini Sprint Cup Series

This series is a whole-season competition, and the Marsport Trophy will be awarded at the final regatta to the club with the most points.  Individual paddler points will also be awarded for each event during the season, with double points being awarded at The MacGregor Inter-Club Regatta.

Mini Sprint Cup Rules 2024

  • Points are accumulated at each event leading to a final at the September Regatta.
  • Mini Sprint points do not count towards The MacGregor Inter-Club points.
  • At the MacGregor Regatta, the Mini sprints receive double points for their paddling, and these go towards the Mini Sprint Cup competition, which runs separately from the main Inter-Club Competition.
  • The Mini Sprint Cup includes overall prizes for both male and females in each category and an overall club prize.  Details are as follows: 

Entry Conditions

To enter the Mini Sprint Series, paddlers must be under 12 on 1st January 2024 and have achieved at least Paddle Explore standard. They must be able to paddle a K1 Lightning or Mini-Kayak over 500m in less than 4 minutes OR a K1 Lightning, Mini-Kayak or Sprint K1 over 500m in less than 3 minutes 30 seconds. Before placing entries, to the club coach must ensure that their paddlers are competent and confident to paddle at HPP.


  • MINI-A (MSA) for those who can complete 500m in under 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • MINI-B (MSB) for those who complete 500m between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 4 minutes


  • All entry fees are per seat and will be entered with your club’s main regatta entries.
  • Please read notes on entering Rocket K4


K1 on events will be on Saturdays, and K2 and K4 events will be on Sundays at all regattas.

Points Scoring

All National Mini Sprint winners (individual) are awarded as stated below.  These scores are added to their Mini Sprint Inter Club score.

All points scored will count only towards The Mini Sprint Team and individual events.

At the National Regattas in K1, K2 and K4.

  • 1st place scores 10 points, 2nd place scores 9 points etc. down to 10th place where everyone after that scores 1 point, the total number of points scored across K1, K2 and K4 will be added together to determine the results at each regatta. For the K2/K4 races, the same points scoring system will be used, i.e. the winning crew will receive 10 points for each paddler.

At the Inter-Clubs Regatta in K1, K2 and K4

  • 1st place scores 20 points, 2nd place scores 19 points, etc., down to 20th place where everyone after that scores 1 point, the total number of points scored across K1, K2 and K4 will be added together to determine the results. For the K2/K4 races, the same points scoring system will be used, i.e. the winning crew will receive 20 points for each paddler.

Team Event

The team points scoring system is based on the club’s results at each regatta.  These are then added to their Mini Sprint Inter Clubs points score.


  • At each regatta, Tiddly Winks will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in the K1 Final One only of each category and for the three fastest K2/4 crews in each category within the Mini Sprint series. 
  • Medals will be awarded to the overall series winners – 1st, 2nd, 3rd male and female.  The Marsport Trophy will be awarded to the Club that has accrued the most combined category points.  
  • All participants will be awarded a Certificate each month they enter.  These are available for collection by the Team Leader from the Information Cabin.
  • Boards to mount the sticky-backed Tiddly Winks may be purchased from the information Cabin for £6.50.


  • Promotion from Mini Sprint Category MINI-B to MINI-A will be based on K1 500m times.
  • Promotions from MINI-B to MINI-A will be done automatically at the 2nd and 4th regatta.  The best set of existing regatta points will be carried through and added to the paddler’s points gained in A
  • Promotion into Boys D and Girls D is based on normal regatta entry guidelines.  This is only done after a discussion with the team leader.

When a paddler is too old to participate in the Mini Sprint Series, they do not automatically move to Intermediate or D classes.  Paddlers must reach the required standard.  See the Standards Charts on pages A11 and A12They will be allowed to paddle in D Class crew boats, with established D Class paddlers.  50% of the crew must be registered D class paddlers.

See Intermediate Class page for Under 14 paddlers standard times for registration